Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fallen Seraph

A Fallen Seraph has been stripped of its capability to fly. Their wings are regularly debilitated, broken, torn, or now and again they even just have one. In spite of the fact that there may be an approach to restore them ... 


A Seraph is viewed as a powerful being, and thusly is blessed with extraordinary quality. They pick up an extra +1 to assault ivories sides at Level 1, and each 10 levels - up to Level 100. 


The Exalted are bound by announcement to unbending code of morals in quest for equitability. All Exalted Seraph must be Lawful Good arrangement; if the Seraph starts acting in such a route, to the point that his arrangement may movement to Neutral or Evil, he may go wrong and turn into a Fallen Seraph. A Fallen Seraph, on the other hand, may be of any arrangement - including malevolence. 

Undermined Weapons: 

A Fallen Seraph, as a free activity on their turn, may summon up weapons of unadulterated obscurity. This weapon progressions focused around the Seraph's level, and it may be of any legitimate weapon sort. 

Naturally, the summoned weapon gives +1 to assault craps sides, and enhances the Seraph's scuffle discriminating strike by 1 (19-20). 

This blessed weapon bargains an extra +1d4 Corruption harm. 

This extra builds to 1d6 at Level 20 

This extra builds to 1d8 at Level 50 

This extra builds to 1d10 at Level 100 

This extra builds to 1d12 at Level 150 

This reward defilement harm is constantly accessible to the Seraph, regardless of the possibility that they have not invoked a weapon. They may channel it through different weapons. This just concedes the additional defilement harm in any case, and does not enhance the Seraph's assault sides or discriminating strike possibility. 

A Seraph might just have one Corrupted Weapon summoned whenever, and it vanishes on the off chance that it is beyond their control for more than 2 battle rounds. It may not be exchanged to different characters. 

Polluted Siphon: 

When for every day, the Fallen Seraph may harm and siphon the quality of his companions and adversaries. Proclaim this capability is, no doubt utilized, and end your turn. On your next turn, you bargain "Wickedness" harm to all animals inside a separation of you 15. The harm managed is the amount of targets influenced x 1. This expands to x2 at Level 50, x3 at Level 100, and x4 at Level 125. 

Furthermore, you recuperate wellbeing equivalent to this quality. Moreover, you pick up +1 to assault ivories sides for each target influenced. Furthermore, you pick up +1 scuffle harm for each target influenced. This whole impact holds on until the end of the fight or experience. 

Defiled Conversion: 

A Fallen Seraph may channel any spell they execute as "Defilement", and any impacts that permeates will be connected. 


A Fallen Seraph who perishes will blast into a void of dark vitality; harming all antagonistic focuses inside a separation of 30 for 1d4. 

This extra expands to 1d6 at Level 20 

This extra expands to 1d8 at Level 50 

This extra expands to 1d10 at Level 100 

This extra expands to 1d12 at Level 150 


Fallen Seraph are continually chased and oppressed by their magnified brethren, and they are debilitated by their previous forces. Fallen Seraph take a punishment of -1 to all Saving Throws when battling Exalted Seraphs. Besides, they bargain an extra +1 harm for every individual hit to all animals aside from Exalted Seraph. 

Heavenly Charisma: 

A Seraph gets an incidental reward of +2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate against mortals.